Saturday, April 12, 2008

P53 enzyme

It really annoys me that lots of people are under the impression that alcohol is largely responsible for the disease of cancer.

When you ask them about their idea of Cancer, many of them say that a body cell suddenly goes bad due to the intoxicants and multiplies like hell, in the end killing you. It is really sad to say that though they are entirely right about that part, they still hardly know what Cancer exactly is and what contributes to it. Let me assure you guys that the much celebrated devil of alcohol actually has zero contribution in the disease. To make everyone familiar with what exactly happens when Cancer develops into your body, lets us get into the details...

In a way the real culprit in the Cancer disease is the P53 enzyme. Ironically, P53 is one of the most essential elements of our body.P53 or Protein 53 enzyme is responsible for the production of P53 gene. This gene is really vital.

The fuction of P53 gene is that of a designer. When a new cell is created in our body, the P53 gene actually builds up the nucleus. I wont go into the complicated DNA structures, but just mention that P53 instructs the cell about its functions and the way it should work. And this process goes on for every kind of cell in our body.

The obvious question is 'what does this have to do with cancer?'... The answer is sometimes the P53 gene turns out to be an abnormal one, or to be more precise, it is a mutated gene. When this gene structures the DNA in nucleus the cell 'goes bad' and doesn't know what to do. In other words it goes on into uncontrollable mitosis. And that is how a Cancer develops. Thus Cancer can develop in any kind of body cell(there are few exception though).

Now our problem lies in the fact that how does a P53 gene get mutated. Mutation is not really a rare phenomenon. The biggest reason for mutation is the progressing human generation. Yes guys, it is exactly as the 'Professor' says in the movie 'X-men'(don't be so pleased, cause you're not really going to have any superpowers). It should be noted that everyone of us has over millions of mutated p53 genes in our body right now. The reason that we don't catch the dreadful disease is because our body generates enough 'normal' p53 genes to completely nullify the effect of mutated genes.

However sometimes due to our misfortune, the normal p53 just aren't there when a cell is created or they fail to work. In that case, mutated p53 drive the new cell to a Cancer(if again by coincidence it happens to be around). This is solely because of luck guys. The only contribution
that the carcinogenic substances have in this whole process is that they are capable of bringing about mutation in normal p53 genes. Alcohol doesn't cause any mutation. There are other substances in your drinks like nitrosomines which are capable of mutating a p53 gene. Remember again guys that being capable of mutating doesn't mean that it surely will mutate the gene. The possibility of mutation is more unlikely. And even if it does, the mutated genes so created form just a minor fraction of the million mutated genes already present in our body.

It means there is absolutely no possibility of completely avoiding Cancer. In fact Cancer is 99 % bad luck. A man who never touched an intoxicant for all his life can catch the disease just like that. On the other hand if I were to inject even 10 ml of liquid containing mutated p53 genes in your body, there still a chance that you'll have a perfect health.

So guys enjoy Vodka!.


Anonymous said...

Hey man you have a great point on the matter of cancer and the p53 gene. I'm working on a theory for the ability to cure cancer and I was wondering if you could give me some comparisons of normal tumor suppressor genes and mutated ones. And also a comparison of normal proto-oncogenes and mutated ones. If you could get me this info as soon as possible that would be great. email it to

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