Friday, March 14, 2008

Plastic Sea in Spain

Almeria in spain was one of the most barren and poorest regions in Europe, as good as a desert. And within a couple of years people of Almeria have become millionares, surprisingly by farming. This is how almeria looks from a satellite...

The shiny land is called the Sea of Plastic. Actually, the entire region is full of greenhouses now. Farmers in Almeria have constructed millions of greenhouses, contained with over billions of soil bags suspended from rods in air and containing vegetables of different kinds. These green houses cover entire mountain ranges and plains, encroached in every available space and are still expanding. This has transformed the poorest region in Europe into the largest exporter of vegetables in the continent today. They export more than hundred thousand(in Million tonnes) vegetables in a single day to other European countries apart from their domestic trade. The green houses are designed to maintain varying temperature for different crops, with customised irrigation facilities for particular vegetables and extensive use of fertilizers. It doesn't come of much surprise that environmentalists have protested to the government over the expansion of these greenhouses, but they donot have considerable charges against them.

The farmers have gathered huge profits in millions of euros, and even Spanish filmstars envy them today. Owning about 30 acres of farmland, or rather any sort of land in Almeria (since plasticulture doesn't require that your land be cultivable as your vegetable plantation is never in contact with the ground surface) will be enough to make you earn a profit of 1M euros (and now this is worth more than dollars) in two years. And the best part of the deal is that their farming system doesnt required that lots of people be working on the farm. One individual is recommended for 2 acres of land, and has to work for an average of 4 to 5 hours a day, as the rest of things are mechanised.

So you might want to think of it as a career option.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Unpopular and yet effective

Many of my hobbies include working with utilities which are usually unheard of but more effective than the popular ones. For instance I use 7 different web browsers. Here's the list:

1. K-Meleon ( Mozilla )
2. Flock ( Mozilla )
3. Q-trax ( Songbird )
4. Sea Monkey ( Mozilla )
5. Space Time
6. Safari ( Apple )
7. Wyzo ( Bitcomet )

These are hardly used by anyone. But these browsers are quite fast compared to Internet explorer 7 or Firefox ( Mozilla ), which is a fact hardly known by anyone.
The Q-trax is specially designed for song downloads while 'Space Time' gives you a feeling of 3d web surfing.
What surprises me is that hardly anyone has ever heard of these browsers. The use of variety is fun. It makes you feel as if you have set your own rules and are not a stereotype. Speaking of browsers the most popular is Internet explorer. The reason for IE to be the most widely used is not because it is any better, but the fact that people are too ignorant to even notice that web browser is actually an independent software compatible with your operating system. Many people undoubtedly believe that IE is a part of their 'Windows OS' ( which is most widely used ).

The global statics is as follows : (Click on the image to enlarge)

Friday, March 7, 2008

Post number 1

This is post number one(as you can see). It feels as if I have begun writing a diary, which I previously used to regard as a girlish habit. But after witnessing the active and overwhelming participation of my friends who are not at all girlish( including girls) in the blogging community, I was seduced into making my own blog. To be honest I am not really your next door a nice guy and women find me very rude, and elders find me very irresponsible and lethargic most of the time among all the other unpleasant attributes.

This is part unfortunately is not reflected in my thoughts, since I happen to think in a very ideal and straight forward way. It also makes me quite ruthless when it comes to others emotions and rudeness follows likewise. Not that I am proud of it. But I don't like to pretend something I am not, and I have absolutely no regrets about my opinions.

Autocracy fits my taste perfectly. And though I am not much of a communist I do believe in the kind of system run by the thinking "Comrade Stalin knows the best". But maintaining your reputation as a spoiled brat and not thinking like one is a really tough job since it involves in doing things you know are unacceptable to you.
But my philosophy suggest in the minimal effort plan... In other words, never send ten people to do one man's job or never score ten goals wen one is enough to win the soccer game. Obviously that makes me careless cause I never portray myself as civilized and sincere person to others unless the situation actually demands that I act like a smart lad(which is quite difficult to judge).

But in this blog I am all my true self, and so gentlemen In case my reputation precedes me, I hope you would not treat my blog as a bilge by some nutcase.
Greetings to all!!