Friday, October 23, 2009

Wish List

When I was young, there were a lot of things that would amuse me, making them desirable. Being unable to get that one thing, I used to keep a note about it on the back of my mind. After some time and effort I would certainly manage to procure it. But after having devoured it for some time, I would lose all my interest, with my conscience picking me that the thing I coveted wasn't worth all that attention. But that didn't stop me from being desirous of such other things. It would be a continuous cycle, and still is.

But all this while I have realized that I never really liked all those things I did seek desperately, and that it was just a whim to quench my curiosity. And maybe it is like that for everything else. Any act we wish to accomplish is sacred to us only as long as we don't conclude it. After having concluded our goal, we have no further value for that. We never cherish our success, but only enshrine the effort and pluck that goes behind the success. And after that we move on to a new one.

This is the reason why I am looking for such an design for a mark that would keep me occupied and working for the rest of my life. After having concluded it, I'll probably write a book on my efforts for it. Of course finding such a thing would take some time. But while I am at that I also have a wish list about things to do in life, just like those 'optional quests' in any video game for bonus points.

Its not that I care much about such things, but I'd like to have such exploits on my archive. Here is the list of all those....

1) Slap a cop on his face in public: And I am not talking about some low rank peon, but a high ass like a bureaucratic police officer. That's not all. I'd like to slap him and bring about such circumstances on him that he'd have no choice but to ignore my intrepidity, and let me get away with it.

2) Own a rodent Sanctuary: I'd like to build a rodent sanctuary and house all the different species of rodents there. Of all the animals, I am most fond of rodents (and weasel family mammals).

I'd also like to conduct research withing the sanctuary to enable rodents to interact with humans, and influence human lives the way computers do in the contemporary times. One should find a guinea pig or a hamster in every house.

3) Beat someone up with a Nunchaku: The only time I have seen a nunchaku combat is in the movies. This is unacceptable to me, and I want to do it myself.

4) Rescue Gilad Shalit: As much as I am emotional about him, I'd like to be the one to rescue him. In any case, I hope that he is rescued soon and pray for his safety and well being.

5) Throw up a toast of bread and make it fall the butter side up.

6) Catch a snake by it neck: I have already done it once, but that was in Haffkin's research institute, and I was wearing protective gloves at that time. I didn't get to feel the snake's skin. Well next time I want to do it in a jungle. I'd like to wrench a snake off the tree by his throat.

7) Learn Japanese: I know. This one is the most implausible of all my fantasies.

8) To learn punch a hole through a wall with bare fists: I heard it can be done if in case its a single brick layer wall, and if you manage to hit the right spot.

9) To hunt a Russian Tundra wolf: Hunting would be my favorite sport if I ever start with it. But I do want to start hunting one day. And after having hunted, I'd like to fry and eat the meat in a camp in the middle of a snowy forest.

10) Have a collection of my poems published and sold in book stores: Yeah this is again a difficult one. I have written many poems, but most of them are too childish to publish.


soudaminee said...

i wud like to accompany u and assist u in the task no 4) Rescue Gilad Shalit 6) Catch a snake by it neck 7) Learn Japanese 9) To hunt a Russian Tundra wolf,

it wud be a great fun..

For task:1) Slap a cop on his face in public 3) Beat someone up with a Nunchaku 8) To learn punch a hole through a wall with bare fists,

tell me b4 u attempt it i'll be there with the necessary aid,

and for the remaining, ie 2) Own a rodent Sanctuary: 5) Throw up a toast of bread and make it fall the butter side up.10) Have a collection of my poems published and sold in book stores:

i'll will be proud of ya... :)

manoj said...

please please please dont wish to complete your last wish that will be really dangerous dont even think......

Alice McDuff said...

Gaurav, that´s a very interesting post and challenge! I enjoyed reading your wish list too. Wish no. 10 isn´t that incredible, it just takes the guts to try:-)

I almost realised wish no. 1 yesterday, a stupid cop that started talking trash to me for a non-sense thing - well I did slap him in the face... in the figurative sense. He was so surprised that he was left agape, so I just packed the kids into the car and drove away, hehe!:-)

But back to the heart of the matter... So you´re looking for a life-long challenge? Here it is: Finding the *love of your life* and *keeping this love alive*! That combines both: the aspect of the quest aspect and the aspect of preservation after you found what you were looking for.

Or does that sound too trite?

xx Alice