Sunday, April 26, 2009

The best thing I could do about it...

The Istri-wala (the person who irons clothes) came home today with my 15 ironed clothes, to my utter surprise. I never have 15 clothes to iron in one day (He was looking at me with some kind of disgust). I opened the bag and to my embarrassment noticed how they were fifteen. There were 4 shirts and two pants as usual. But the reason why he had looked at me with disgust was... It also contained four of my underwear, two pair of socks and three boxers.

I realized later that it was me who handed him that bag yesterday. I suppose I must have absentmindedly put those underpants and socks in the bag.

IMAGINE! PAYING A PERSON TO IRON YOUR UNDERWEAR AND SOCKS!!! And the guy did have enough nerve to actually iron them and charge me for that, 2 bucks each.

What was my reaction? I was laughing my ass off for several minutes. I myself couldn't believe how such a miserable dullard I actually was. Though I must admit, I had a good time laughing about it, so it guess it was a good thing.

It reminded me of an old quote from the famous thriller, 'The eagle has landed' by Jack Higgins. The book depicts the story of one of the most satirical characters from Higgins' arsenal... Liam Devlin. Devlin is a Irish national who, by a series of complicated maneuvers faced while working for IRA ends up finally in Adolf Hitler special commando team. When asked by his fellow Germans about his life, he says...

"My life is a big joke... and so, I decided that the best thing I could do about it is laugh."


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