Saturday, March 8, 2008

Unpopular and yet effective

Many of my hobbies include working with utilities which are usually unheard of but more effective than the popular ones. For instance I use 7 different web browsers. Here's the list:

1. K-Meleon ( Mozilla )
2. Flock ( Mozilla )
3. Q-trax ( Songbird )
4. Sea Monkey ( Mozilla )
5. Space Time
6. Safari ( Apple )
7. Wyzo ( Bitcomet )

These are hardly used by anyone. But these browsers are quite fast compared to Internet explorer 7 or Firefox ( Mozilla ), which is a fact hardly known by anyone.
The Q-trax is specially designed for song downloads while 'Space Time' gives you a feeling of 3d web surfing.
What surprises me is that hardly anyone has ever heard of these browsers. The use of variety is fun. It makes you feel as if you have set your own rules and are not a stereotype. Speaking of browsers the most popular is Internet explorer. The reason for IE to be the most widely used is not because it is any better, but the fact that people are too ignorant to even notice that web browser is actually an independent software compatible with your operating system. Many people undoubtedly believe that IE is a part of their 'Windows OS' ( which is most widely used ).

The global statics is as follows : (Click on the image to enlarge)

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